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K325 Soapstone Putty

K325 Soapstone Putty


K325 Soapstone Putty Kit.   Soapstone is primarily made of Talc and is a metamorphic rock.  It is a very soft mineral;  a 1-2.5 hardness on the Moh’s Scale.  Soapstone feels like soap when touched and that is how it was named. 

Historically, Soapstone was used as a carving material to create statues and cooking bowls. Today, it is used in creating countertops, cosmetics, in welding projects, and aides in the elasticity of this fun experiment. 

This Soapstone Putty Kit includes powered Soapstone, activating ingredient, mixing containers, storage container, and recipe.

Warning:  Kit contains Sodium Tetraborate.  Avoid contact with eyes and not to be ingested.  This product is intended for play only,  For children ages 4 and older.

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