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Blue Glass

Blue Glass


This is a very beautiful batch of crushed Blue Glass. The larger pieces range in size from 3/4″ to 1 1/2″

Glass will polish best by not mixing it with other types of stone and using an additional pre polish step of 1000 grit Aluminum Oxide. In a rotary tumbler, use plastic pellets to cushion them in the last three stages. If you are using a vibrating tumbler, use ceramic media in the last three stages for best results.

MOHS hardness scale of  5.5

  • Please note this material may have sharp edges.


These are the steps we used to tumble the glass in our Lortone QT12 Tumbler:
1. 120/220 Silicon Carbide for 5 days for the first grind. We checked for shape at 4 days and run another day if needed to get the desired shape.
2. 500 Aluminum Oxide for 4 days. We use small ceramic media in the last 3 steps.
3. 1000 Aluminum Oxide for 3 days.
4. Aluminum Oxide Polish for 3 days.

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