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Here’s a new item, Shungite. Sizes range from approximately  3/4″ to 1 1/2″.  This is softer material than most other crushed rock we have available.  It’s tricky to tumble and polish and not best suited for beginners or click on the link for special instructions for softer material.  We suggest running this rock alone and start with the 120-220 Silicon Carbide Grit.

The MOHS Hardness Scale of 3.5-4

Polishing Instructions for Soft Stones



The term “shungite” was originally used in 1879 to describe a mineraloid with more than 98 percent carbon. More recently the term has also been used to describe shungite-bearing rocks, leading to some confusion. Shungite has to date mainly been found in Russia. Shungite has been used in medical treatment since the early 18th-century. “Peter the Great” set up Russia’s first spa to utilize the water purifying properties of Shungite and instigated its use in providing purified water for the Russian army. The anti-bacterial properties of Shungite have been confirmed by modern testing.

Shungite is considered to be full of health benefits due to the natural fullerenes found within it. It detoxifies, acts as an anti-inflammatory, is antibacterial and antioxidant. Shungite protects against EMF frequencies and is fantastic to have near computers. Some even sell small flat pieces specifically to attach to cell phones and laptops. Shungite is being touted as a “must have” for those suffering from electrosensitivity. It is also said to rid negative emotional patterns.

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