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Ultra Vibe 10 Tumbler / Non Industrial for Polishing Brass etc.

Ultra Vibe 10 Tumbler / Non Industrial for Polishing Brass etc.


UV10 Non Industrial – A Vibrating Tumbler for Cartridge Cases

  • Removable Heavy  Polyethylene Bowl with Lid
  • Includes 3lbs of Corn Cob Media to get you started
  • 3 qt. capacity 125-400 cartridge cases weight capacity 8 lb.
  • Mass creates a cyclonic effect, moves around the bowl and down into the center
  • Cap is easily removed so that you can see it work
  • Ball Bearing motor operates on 115 volts and is overload protected
  • Vibrates at 3000 VPM
  • Dimensions are 10″ diameter x 11″ high
  • Shipping weight with the 3lbs Corn Cob media – 12 lbs.

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This Ultra Vibe 10 non industrial vibratory tumbler is a great tumbler for polishing brass casings or other lighter weight tumbling jobs.  It has a smaller motor than the industrial version and a thinner bowl.  It is not recommended for tumbling rocks.  However, a UV10MB bowl can be purchased and fit on this machine if you want to do rocks.  The smaller bowl keeps the weight down so the motor doesn’t overheat.  Keep in mind that the mini bowl is not as tall as the UV10 bowl so the center rod will stick up above the bowl a ways.  You can find a UV10MB bowl HERE.

The UV-10 requires at least 3 lbs of media for the initial load.  The media is reusable until it becomes too dirty or broken down from use.
We recommend purchasing a little more so that you don’t have to immediately reorder if you need to add a little more at a later date.
We also offer 10% discount on any media ordered at the time of purchase of this tumbler. 

See an Ultra-Vibe Tumbler in action here!

Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions12.75 × 10.25 × 10.25 in

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