Just Below Mount Rushmore Is
Keystone, SD

Keystone, SD

1/2 Mile East On Highway 40
Towards Rushmore Cave Is
The Rock Shed

Interesting Note: Old Holy Terror Buildings on the Hill behind our Shop.

Family Owned for 37 Years
515 1st Street
Keystone, S. Dakota 57751

The Rock Shed

This is the original Rock Shed shack located on upper Main St. Keystone shown after the 1972 flood

This was the new and improved 1973 Rock Shed located
in the Historic district of Keystone.
Notice the future owner of The Rock Shed sleeping on the job.

This is the final Rock Shed building in
its original state in 1977.

Unusual customer at The Rock Shed

Gem and Mineral Show

Recently we participated in the Rapid City SD Gem and Mineral Show.

Are you planning a trip to the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore this year?
Stop by and visit our shop while you are in Keystone.
We are located 1/2 mile east on highway 40 towards Rushmore Cave.
Our Shop is open April to October from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
We are open October to March as weather permits,
so please call ahead if you are traveling specifically to our shop during these months.

Old Keystone – Buildings of the Past

Holy Terror Gold Mine

Old Rock Crusher