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K108 Hematite

K108 Hematite


K108 This is 1/4 lb. of tumbled Hematite stones that have been nicely cut and pre-shaped into different shapes (ie. squares, trapezoids, octagons and other free form shapes).  This are approximately 7-10 pieces per 1/4 pound.  This is material is from Brazil and since Hematite is actually an Iron Ore the stones are noticeably heavier than the same size stone of another material.   

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Hematite is a mineral form of Iron Oxide.  It is a very common material that has a black to steel to silver-grey color and may also appear reddish brown.  Hematite is a heavy metal and when it is polished it is consider to many to be of gemstone quality.  It is very popular in jewelry and Native American art.

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Weight.28 lbs
Dimensions1.782 × 1.782 × 1.782 in

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