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K326 Fulgurite – Petrified Lightning Strikes

K326 Fulgurite – Petrified Lightning Strikes


K326 Here is a something very different.  These are Fulgurite or sometimes called Petrified Lightning Strikes.   Fulgurites are natural hollow glass tubes often formed from lightning strikes in quartzose sand, silica, or soil.  Fulgurites, a variety of the mineraloid lechatelierite, are formed when lightning with a temperature of at least 1,800 °C (3,270 °F) melts silica on a conductive surface and fuses mineral grains together.  This process occurs over a timespan of around one second and the Fulgurite tube is the cooled product and shows the evidence of the lightning path and its dispersion over the surface or into the earth.  The glassy substance, called lechatelierite, also may be formed by meteorite impacts and volcanic explosions, but the products of such events do not take the characteristic shape of fulgurites.

Each Fulgurite specimen is approximately 1 1/2″ to 2″ long x 3/8″ to 1/2″ or more wide.  Most specimens are completely hollow and some others are not. 

Similar to like item.  You will receive one Fulgurite similar to the ones in the photos.  There is no choice in specimens.

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