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PN102 Pietersite

PN102 Pietersite


PN 102: Pietersite cabochon set in sterling silver. This cabochon has thick, stroke like, silver-blue, chatoyant layers, centered over a contrasting darker blue base.

Approximate measurements: Cabochon – 25 x 50mm. Complete pendant: 1 1/8 x 2″.

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Pietersite was discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 while prospecting farmland in Namibia, Africa and was named after him in 1964. Currently there are only two known sources of Pietersite: Africa and China. Pietersite is considered a type of Tiger Eye, having the same properties but with different patterns due to its brecciated formation. While Pietersite has the lovely chatoyancy of Tiger Eye, it is not found in continuously structured bands but rather in swirls, swathes and fibrous (sometimes linear) segments. They appear chaotic and can exist in many directions like bold paint strokes. African Pietersite is the most sought after due to its wide range of color which include various blues, golds, and reds with blue being the rarest followed by red.

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