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PN607 Hypersthene

PN607 Hypersthene


This is a very pretty sterling Silver pendant with a 12mm x 17mm Hypersthene cabochon. This pendant measures 1 7/8″ from the top to the bottom.  The bail measures 1/4″. It has a gorgeous “shimmer” as it’s rotated in light. Very nice!

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Hypersthene is a common rock-forming inosilicate mineral belonging to the group of orthorhombic pyroxenes. Many references have formally abandoned this term, preferring to categorize this mineral as enstatite and ferrosilite. It is found in igneous and some metamorphic rocks as well in stony meteorites. The color is often gray, brown or green and the luster is usually vitreous to pearly. On certain surfaces it displays a brilliant copper-red metallic sheen.

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Weight0.10 lbs
Dimensions1.125 × 1.125 × .5 in

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