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8″ Smoothing Disc Kit

8″ Smoothing Disc Kit


DISCKIT-8  The 8″ Diamond Smoothing Disc Kit is great for replacing all of your smoothing discs at once. This is the same kit that comes with either the 8″ All-U-Need and 8″ Slant Cabber lap machines.

Our tech-10 polish pad and diamond compound included in the kit ensures a nice polish on a wide variety of material. The tech-10 polish pad is made of a cloth material that replaces felt and leather pads. You must charge this pad with diamond compound before use.

All discs included in the kit come with a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive backing that bonds to backing plates, flexible discs and polishing heads. Our sponge pads may be inserted under these smoothing discs to create a soft touch for cabochon work. You will need a backing plate to use these smoothing discs.

Diamond Smoothing Disc Kit (WITHOUT backing plates) Include:

  • One 325 Mesh Brown Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • One 600 Mesh Red Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • One 1200 Mesh Blue Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • One Tech-10 Polish Pad
  • One 2 Gram 14,000 Mesh Diamond Compound Syringe

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 0.5 in

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