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Montana Moss Agate – Large

Montana Moss Agate – Large


These are beautiful larger Montana Moss Agate in sizes from 1 3/4″ to 3+” in size.  They have great variety of color and design they tumble nicely  for jewelry or just for decoration.  Great for the rock tumbler or use them just as is for fountains or other decorative uses.

The MOHS Hardness Scale of 7.5



Moss agate is a semi-precious gemstone formed from silicon dioxide. It is a form of chalcedony which includes minerals of a green color embedded in the stone, forming filaments and other patterns suggestive of moss. The stone gets its name from the green specks in it, all of which resemble elements of nature.

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1lb LARGE Montana Moss Agate, 2lbs LARGE Montana Moss Agate, 3lbs LARGE Montana Moss Agate, 5lbs LARGE Montana Moss Agate

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