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South Dakota Chalcedony – Large


South Dakota Chalcedony – Large


This a larger size of a favorite here at the Rock Shed, South Dakota Chalcedony. The pieces measure approximately 1 3/4″ to 3+” in varies shapes and sizes.  A good portion of this rock has very unique and fabulous design. They are amazing as they will fluoresce a brilliant green under  SW/UV light. This material is overall good rock for the tumbler or use them as is for fountains and other decorative uses.

The MOHS Hardness Scale of 7


Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of the minerals quartz and moganite. Chalcedony has a waxy luster, and may be semitransparent or translucent. It can assume a wide range of colors, but those most commonly seen are white to gray, grayish-blue or a shade of brown ranging from pale to nearly black.

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