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Ground Walnut Shell 8/12

Ground Walnut Shell 8/12


This is ground Walnut Shell, a soft grit abrasive with no polish added.  This is a coarse size  – 8/12 grit and will work in both vibrating and rotary tumblers.  This will work great to remove tarnish from jewelry and other metal items.  For more of a polish on jewelry, brass, coins and other items, add red rouge.

Walnut shell will work in both vibrating and rotary tumblers.

Estimated amounts needed for the various tumblers below:

2 lbs – Lot O Tumbler
1 lb – 3 lb Rotary Tumbler
3 lb – Thumlers UV-10 Tumbler
6 lb – Thumlers UV-18 Tumbler
15 lbs – Thumlers UV-45 Tumbler
5 lbs – 12-15 lb Rotary Tumbler such as Model B

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Bag Size

1 lb. 8/12 Walnut Shell, 2 lbs. 8/12 Walnut Shell, 3 lbs. 8/12 Walnut Shell, 5 lbs. 8/12 Walnut Shell

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