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Small Rotary Grit Pack

Small Rotary Grit Pack


Grit Pack for Rotary Rock Tumblers

Enough grit and polish to do:

4 batches in a 3 lb. tumbler like our 3 lb. Thumlers  or the 3 lb. capacity Lortone.

2 batches in a 6 lb. tumbler 

1 batch in a 12 lb. to 15 lb. tumbler like our 15 lb. Thumler Model B tumbler.

This grit pack includes:

1 lb. of coarse 60-90 grit

1 lb. of medium 120-220 grit

1/2 lb. of fine grit 500 pre polish

1/2 lb. of 8000 Aluminum Oxide polish

Instructions for rotary tumbler and tumbling tips sheet is included with each grit pack.

Click Here to see some of the rocks we have polished with these grit packs!

Additional information

Weight 3.15 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 2 in

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