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FO206 Mosasaur Tooth

FO206 Mosasaur Tooth


Here’s something different for the fossil collector. This is a very nice, above average quality, Mosasaur Tooth Matrix with a very well-preserved tooth from Morocco.  This genuine fossil is from the Cretaceous period, some 75 million years ago. The tooth measure 2″ x 1 1/8″.  It rests in a sandstone matrix that measures 5 5/8 x 4 1/4″ x  1 5/8″ thick that also has some fossil bone fragments. Many Mosasaur teeth are fake, but this one is real.  They make great decorator pieces as well as collectible for the fossil collection.

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First and most importantly, mosasaurs are not dinosaurs. They are extinct marine reptiles that are believed to be distantly related to monitor lizards such as the Komodo Dragon. More recent evidence, however says they were even more closely related to snakes than monitor lizards. These large reptiles often reached lengths of 30 to 40 feet. Many complete mosasaur specimens have been found in the Niobrara Formation of Western Kansas, and some of the first mosasaur remains were collected more than 130 years ago. As a group, the fossilized remains of mosasaurs had been found all over the world, from Kansas to the Dakotas and Montana. They are also found most other states and in Canada. Overseas, mosasaurs are found in northern Europe, to Turkey, Israel to Africa, and from Brazil to Peru. And they’re found in Australia and New Zealand to the islands off the coast of Antarctica. 

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