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FO501 Belemnite Slab

FO501 Belemnite Slab


Here is a very nice, above average quality South Dakota Belemnite specimen.  The specimen has many, many distinct Belemnite fossils throughout the matrix.  A view of the edge from the back shows the size and shape of the Belemnite fossils.  The specimen measures over 7″ wide x nearly 5 5/8″ x almost 1 5/8″ thick and has been nicely polished on the face.  A very nice starter fossil or just add it to your collection.

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Belemnites or Belemnoids are an extinct group of marine Cephalopod which are very similar to the modern Squid and closely related to the modern Cuttlefish. The possess an ink sac, but unlike the Squid, they have ten arms of equal length and no tentacles.

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Weight3.50 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5.625 × 1.625 in

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