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FO612 Keichousaurus

FO612 Keichousaurus


This is a rare and no longer available Keichousaurus  from China. The interesting fossil measures 14 1/2″ in length x 6″ x 3/4 . This complete fossil has great detail. It was broken upon excavation and was repaired and glued on a piece of wood for stability.  This is truly a great find and an excellent addition to any serious collector.

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Keichousaurus (key-cho-saurus) is a genus of marine reptile in the pachypleurosaur family which went extinct at the close of the Triassic in the Triassic-Jurassic extinction event. The name derives from Kweichow (now Guizhou Province) in China where the first fossil specimen was discovered in 1957. They are among the most common sauropterygian fossils recovered and are often found as nearly complete, articulated skeletons, making them popular among collectors. Keichousaurus, and the pachypleurosaur family broadly, are sometimes classified within Nothosauroidea, but are otherwise listed as a separate, more primitive lineage within Sauropterygia.

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Weight3.00 lbs
Dimensions14.5 × 6 × .75 in

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