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GAL907 Crocoite

GAL907 Crocoite


This is an exceptionally spectacular example of a rare new item, Crocoite from the Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia.  It has delicate, long prismatic crystal needles of vivid orange-red colors in an exceedingly gorgeous cluster.  The fabulous specimen measures approximately 2 3/4″ x  2 1/8″ x 2 1/4″ and is mounted in a clear plastic display box that measures 3 1/4″ square x 3″ tall.  A very nice unique specimen that makes a incredible display item.

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Crocoite is a mineral consisting of lead chromate that fascinates collectors. First found in Russia and other European localities, but only sparingly and with very small crystals. The Australian discovery on the island of Tasmania took this mineral to a totally different level with large brilliant, well formed crystals and far more abundant. Crocoite is commonly found as large, well-developed prismatic crystals, although in many cases are poorly terminated. Crystals are of a bright hyacinth-red color, translucent, and have an adamantine to vitreous luster.

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