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CV101 Pyrite Pyramid

CV101 Pyrite Pyramid


Here’s something we haven’t seen in a while, a very nice Pyrite Pyramid. This cool carving measures 1 1/4″ square x 1 7/8″ tall. It has lots of sparkle, neat cavities and captivating appearance. A really beautiful piece.

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Pyrite, or Iron Pyrite, is an Iron sulfide with isometric Crystals that usually appear as cubes.  It is brittle and can break or powder easily.  Its metallic luster and brass yellow hue have earned it the nickname of “fool’s gold” due to many miners mistaken it for the real thing.  Ironically, small quantities of actual gold are sometimes found in Pyrite.  It is the most common of the sulfide minerals and is usually found with other sulfides or oxides in Quartz veins, sedimentary or metamorphic rocks. 

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Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions1.25 × 1.25 × 1.875 in

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