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EGG215 Howlite

EGG215 Howlite


Here’s a new item, a really nice smaller Howlite egg.  It measures approximately 1 7/8″ x  1 3/8″ and has a nice polish. It has a brilliant white color with neat accents. Something different for the egg collector!

This is a similar to like item as they are all very close to appearance and size.

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Howlite is a soft and sometimes brittle gemstone. It is usually white or colorless. It can be translucent in thin fragments. It is associated with Colemanite, Ulexite, and Bakerite and is found in Borate deposits. It is usually dyed to simulate real “Turquoise” in jewelry.

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Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions1.875 × 1.875 × 1.375 in

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