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H320 Manganocalcite

H320 Manganocalcite


Here’s something we haven’t seen before, a gorgeous heart carved from  Manganocalcite. It has a great pink color with neat accents and will even fluoresce a bright orange under a LW/UV light.  This very pretty heart measures 2 7/8″ wide x 2 1/2″ tall x 7/8″ thick with a great polish.  A Beautiful heart!

There is only one exactly like this available.

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Manganocalcite or Manganoan Calcite is a Manganese rich mineral that gives it it’s pink color. It is sometimes confused with Rhodocrosite. Manganocalcite is sometimes called the “Reiki Stone” as it is said to have healing properties.

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Weight.50 lbs
Dimensions2.875 × 2.5 × .875 in

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