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SP1002 Dalmation Stone

SP1002 Dalmation Stone


This is a nice Dalmatian Stone sphere.  This sphere measures nearly 2″ and has a good polish.  This little sphere has lots of “Dalmatian” spots. A great addition to your collection!

This is a similar to like item as they are all very close to appearance and size.

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Dalmatian Stone, or orbicular Rhyolite, is an igneous rock that was formed by lava flows on the Earth’s surface.  The spots or “orbs” probably occurred when molten lava reacted with fragments of rock known as Xenoliths.  These stones are light to dark tan in color with black spots throughout.  The nickname “Dalmatian” was given to this unusual looking mineral because of its resemblance to a Dalmatian dog’s spots.

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Weight .30 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

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