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SP209 Realgar

SP209 Realgar


 Here’s something we haven’t seen before, an amazing Realgar sphere. It has a good polish and measures 2″ in diameter. It has captivating colors in a mesmerizing design. A great sphere like this does not come around that often so grab it quick!

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Realgar also known as “ruby sulphur” or “ruby of arsenic”, is an arsenic sulfide mineral. Realgar is a minor ore of arsenic extracted in China, Peru, and the Philippines. Realgar was used by firework manufacturers to create the color white in fireworks prior to the availability of powdered metals such as aluminiummagnesium and titanium. It is still used in combination with potassium chlorate to make a contact explosive known as “red explosive” for some types of torpedoes and other novelty exploding fireworks branded as ‘cracker balls’, as well in the cores of some types of crackling stars. Realgar is toxic.


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Weight0.75 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in

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