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SP218 Crinoid Sphere

SP218 Crinoid Sphere


Here’s a new item, an amazing Crinoid sphere. It measures 2 1/8″ in diameter.  This unique sphere has a good polish and great design. Something different and will make a great gift for the sphere collector.

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Crinoids, also known as sea lilies or feather stars, are marine animals that belong to a class of Echinoderms.  They lived in both shallow and deep water.  They are characterized by a mouth on the top surface that is surrounded by feeding arms.  Crinoids usually have a stem used to attach themselves to a substrate, but many live attached only as juveniles and become free-swimming as adults. There are only a few hundred known modern forms, but crinoids were much more numerous both in species and numbers in the past. Some thick Limestone beds dating to the mid- to late-Paleozoic are entirely made up of disarticulated crinoid fragments.

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Weight.50 lbs
Dimensions2.125 × 2.125 × 2.125 in

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