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M100 Barite Chalcopyrite

M100 Barite Chalcopyrite


Here’s a new item, an exceptional piece of Barite Chalcopyrite from China! It measures 4 1/4″ x 2 1/4″ x  1 3/4″. It has great color, amazing design and lots of sparkle. A very special item!

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Barite is a mineral consisting of Barium sulfate and is generally white or colorless.  It is used in the manufacture of paints and paper.  Although Barite contains a ‘heavy’ metal, Barium, it is not considered to be a toxic chemical because of its extreme insolubility.

Chalcopyrite is a copper iron sulfide mineral that crystallizes in the tetragonal system. Chalcopyrite has a brassy to golden yellow color, which often resembles Gold. However, its physical properties such as streak and tenacity are very different from Gold and can easily distinguish it. Chalcopyrite is a beautiful mineral, with good crystals being fairly common. Chalcopyrite is rarely found in association with native copper.

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Weight1.25 lbs
Dimensions4.25 × 2.25 × 1.75 in

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