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M315 Sphalerite Matrix

M315 Sphalerite Matrix


Here is a new item; a very nice, beautiful quality Sphalerite Matrix specimen.  Close inspection shows how it grew in layers which resembles Rose Petal formations with lots of Gold sparkle.  The lovely Matrix measures 4 3/4″ x 3 5/8″ x 1 3/8.  Very different and very nice!

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Sphalerite is a mineral that is the chief ore of Zinc. It consists mainly of Zinc Sulfide in crystalline form but almost always contains valuable Iron. When the Iron content is high, it is an opaque black variety called Marmatite. It is usually found in association with Galena, Pyrite, Calcite, Dolomite and Fluorite. It is usually yellow, brown or gray to gray-black in color and may have a shiny or dull luster or sheen.

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Weight1.00 lbs
Dimensions4.75 × 3.625 × 1.375 in

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