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M620 Barite Cerussite Galena

M620 Barite Cerussite Galena


Here is something really different for your mineral collection!!  This is an amazing blend of Barite, Cerussite and Galena from Mibladen, Morocco.  It measures 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ x 1 3/8″ and has a natural shiny appearance on all sides.  This unique and gorgeous specimen has a great variety of the three different minerals in a spectacular design.  A wonderful and unique specimen for your mineral collection!

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Barite or Baryte is a mineral consisting of Barium sulfate and is generally white or colorless. The baryte group consists of baryte, celestine, anglesite and anhydrite. Baryte commonly occurs in lead-zinc veins in limestones, in hot spring deposits, and with hematite ore. It is used in the manufacture of paints and paper. Although Barite contains a ‘heavy’ metal, Barium, it is not considered to be a toxic chemical because of its extreme insolubility.

Cerussite (also known as white lead ore) is a mineral consisting of Lead Carbonate or an important or of Lead. Mineral collectors appreciate its sparkle and the twinned crystals. It is usually colorless or white, sometimes grey or greenish in tint and is very brittle. Cerussite belongs to the Aragonite group minerals and is found in the oxidation zone of lead deposits usually associated with Galena.

Galena is the natural mineral form of Lead Sulfide. It is the most important Lead ore mineral and is one of the most abundant and widely distributed sulfide minerals. It is often associated with Sphalerite, Calcite and Fluorite. Galena deposits often contain significant amounts of Silver, Zinc, Cadmium, Antimony Arsenic and Bismuth. It is used as a semiconductor in early wireless communication systems. It is usually dark grey to black in color with a shiny iridescence.

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Weight .750 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 2.5 × 1.375 in

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