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PR102 Black Skin Agate

PR102 Black Skin Agate


This is a gorgeous Black Skin Agate specimen from India.  This lovely piece measures 3 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ x 1″ and has an excellent polish on all sides.  This fabulous specimen shows beautiful black, white, light blue and gray colors accented with browns in the unique Black Skin Agate design.  Very beautiful!

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Agate from India comes in a variety of types in Blackskin, Whiteskin or Yellowskin. The most popular are those containing moss. Most of the moss agate, (called suabhaji), comes from the Bud-Kotra area in Morvi in the area around Khambat (“Camaby”) in Gujarat Province, India. They are usually found buried about 2 feet under the surface and must be dug up. When cut and finished they take an excellent polish. The agate is normally clear or clouded with inclusions of dark-green or red-brown moss.

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Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions3.5 × 2.75 × 1 in

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