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PR514 Astrophyllite Free Form

PR514 Astrophyllite Free Form


Here’s something we haven’t seen before. A very cool Astrophyllite Free Form. It measures 5 3/8″ x 2 5/8″ x 4 3/4″ tall. It doesn’t have the highest polish but it’s still good. Is also great material should you decide to use for making cabochons or other lapidary projects. It has wonderful colors in an interesting design.  A truly different treasure so grab it quick.

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Astrophyllite is a very rare, brown to golden yellow hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral. The name comes from the Greek words astron meaning “star” and phyllon meaning “leaf.” sharply with the light colored matrix the mineral is regularly found within. Astrophyllite is usually opaque to translucent, but may be transparent in thin specimens. The mineral is mostly interesting for scientists and collectors, though sometimes it is also used in jewelry where it is fashioned into cabochons.

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Weight3.75 lbs
Dimensions5.375 × 2.625 × 4.75 in

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