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BK500 Septarian Bookends

BK500 Septarian Bookends


Here is an exceptional set of Septarian bookends from Utah. This great set measures 11 3/4″ wide x 6″ tall x 4″ with a nicely polished front face. They have a neat open Calcite crystal cavity centers surrounded by lots of contrasting Brown Aragonite and Calcite for a very nice design. As an added  bonus this set has a phenomenal Barite Crystal on the right side! These bookends have grey felt in the middle and bottom for protection.  Truly one of a kind set!

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Septarians are commonly composed of a carbonate mineral such as Calcite, a microcrystalline form of Silica as in Flint or Jasper, or an Iron Oxide such as Hematite.  These specimens are also known as a concretion which is a type of sedimentary rock. Septarians were formed millions of years ago by sediment forming around a fossil to create a mud ball transforming the fossil into Calcite and Aragonite. 

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Weight14.25 lbs
Dimensions11.75 × 6 × 4 in

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