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GR129 Fancy Jasper

GR129 Fancy Jasper


GR129: Fancy Jasper. Locality – India. This is an extra-large piece, handpicked from the rock yard, with copious red tones that Fancy Jasper is known for.

Please note: the last photos are shot wet.

Approximate measurements: LxWxH –10″ x 7 1/4″ x 9″.

Availability: single piece, exclusive.

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Fancy Jasper is a type of Jasper, also known as the Stone of Tranquility. It is a form of opaque Chalcedony with varying concentrations of iron oxide. Its name is derived from the vivid colors it displays, including green, mauve, lilac, and cream, due to the presence of trace minerals, making it a sought-after stone that has been held in high regard throughout history. It is chemically similar to other forms of Jasper, with varying concentrations of iron oxide.

While it may be mistaken for Fancy Agate at first glance, Fancy Jasper is completely opaque, with very little translucency. 

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Weight 25.00 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7.25 × 9 in

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