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BCR300 Tiger Eye

BCR300 Tiger Eye


This is a nice quality select Tiger Eye rock from Australia.  This is a great rock for a cutting or carving project.  Tiger eye is known for it’s nice array of gold flash colors mixed in with the Iron oxide as it is rotated in the light.   

  • This particular select Tiger Eye specimen measures 7 1/2″ x  3 1/8″ x  5 5 /8″ thick and weighs nearly 6 3/4 pounds.

MOHS hardness scale of  6.5 – 7


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Tiger-Eye is a gemstone that is usually yellow to red-brown in color with a silky luster. This gemstone has an optical reflectance effect that arises from the fibrous structure of the material. The physical and optical properties are identical or very near to those of a single Quartz Crystal.

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Weight6.75 lbs
Dimensions7.5 × 3.125 × 5.625 in

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