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M1003 Hand Held Shortwave & Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp

M1003 Hand Held Shortwave & Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp


M1004 This is a Hand Held, 6 watt, Short Wave and Long Wave Ultraviolet Lamp. It has a durable plastic housing is lightweight with an ergonomically designed handle for easy use. This is the UV lamp we used when taking the pictures for the minerals on our Fluorescent Minerals Page. There is a lamp stand available for this lamp for hands free use. 

Caution: Do not expose eyes or skin to shortwave ultraviolet light as rays may burn unprotected eyes or skin. UV Blocking Eyewear is recommended.

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Shortwave light is the ultraviolet energy farthest from visible light, shorter than rays in sunlight, and primarily noted for its ability to fluoresce minerals for chemical analysis.
Long wave light is the ultraviolet energy nearest to the visible light range, commonly called black light) it activates fluorescence in numerous natural substances and manufactured materials.

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Weight5.00 lbs
Dimensions18.5 × 6 × 4.5 in

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