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8″ All-U-Need – Flat Lap

8″ All-U-Need – Flat Lap


AUN8 The kit includes following accessories:

  • 180 Mesh Electroplated Diamond Disc
  • 325 Mesh Brown Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • 600 Mesh Red Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • 1200 Mesh Blue Diamond Smoothing Disc
  • Tech-10 Polish Pad w/ 2 gram 14000 Mesh Diamond Compound
  • Four Backing Plates

The coolant reservoir holds about a pint of water to prevent heat build-up while you work and removes dust particles so you don’t inhale any harsh chemicals.  That pint of water will give you about 2-3 straight hours of work without refilling.  The All-U-Need comes with an accessory kit that allows you to work right out of the box.  The machine footprint is 10″ long x 10″ wide x 12″ high and weighs 9 pounds.


The American made All-U-Need is a horizontal flat lap machine available in both 6″ and 8″ diameter size.  Grind flats, re-work quartz crystals and make free-form cabochons.   It is also used for shaping and polishing glass. 

The All-U-Need is powered by a 1/4HP, heavy duty, ball bearing DC motor.  The motor is variable speed so you can work at whatever pace you desire, delivering speeds from 800 rpm to 3400 rpm.  Each machine is manufactured with a 1/2″ arbor.  This portable flat lap can be used anywhere.  It is lightweight and has an impact-resistance body which is rust-free, making it easier to travel with.

Additional information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 12 in

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