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GEO108 Green Skin Geode

GEO108 Green Skin Geode


Here’s something we haven’t seen before, a magnificent Green Skin Geode from Mexico.  The marvelous geode has a sparkly inside is filled with gorgeous very fine rutile sprays and Blue Barite crystals in this open cavity to accentuate the outstanding character of this lovely specimen. It also is loaded with orange Zeolites that we believe to be Thomsonite or Okenite  It measures 4 3/8″ x  3 5/8″ x 1 3/8″.  This wonderful piece can be displayed in many places in your home or office and is sure to please. 

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Geodes are geological rock formations which occur in sedimentary and certain volcanic rocks.  They are essentially rock cavities or vugs with internal Crystal formations or concentric banding.  The exterior is generally Limestone while the interior contains Quartz Crystals and/or Chalcedony deposits.  If the Geode is completely filled with Crystal, being solid all the way through, it is then called a nodule.

Thomsonite is an uncommon and desirable member of the Zeolite group, forming in unique and interesting crystal aggregates. Thomsonite was first identified in material from Scotland in 1820 and is named for the Scottish chemist Thomas Thomson. The crystals tend to be long thin blades that typically form radial aggregates, and sometimes fans and tufts. The aggregates are variable and may be spikey in appearance, dense and ball-like, or form worm-like growths. Tight acicular radiating clusters and sphericules are common forms.

Okenite is a silicate mineral that is usually associated with zeolites. It most commonly is found as small white “cotton ball” formations within basalt geodes. These formations are clusters of straight, radiating, fibrous crystals that are both bendable and fragile. Because of this common shape, Okenite is often called a “warm and fuzzy” stone because it brings feelings of the “warm fuzzies”, feelings of comfort and belonging. It was first discribed in 1828 for an occurrence at Disko Island, Greenland and named for German naturalist Lorenz Oken.

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